Mailing Superstars Winners

Mailing Super Stars winners are shown below. Thanks to all voters and participants!

1st Place - Youngstown State University

2nd Place - Town Shopper by SMARTmarketing, co.

Town Shopper is a 3” by 8” co-op advertising booklet published by SMARTmarketing, co., based in Youngstown, Ohio. It is mailed at peak spending times 8 times a year to customers in Mahoning, Trumbull, and Mercer Counties.

The co-op format allows the printing and mailing costs to be shared by all the participating companies, which results in a very affordable and cost-effective option. SMARTmarketing, co. mails 9 different booklets each time to groups of 10,000, 15,000, or 20,000 homes, allowing advertisers to target potential customers geographically, or a client can mail to all 135,000 homes.

Companies buy advertisements in the booklet for as low as 3 cents per home. To contact SMARTmarketing, visit

3rd Place - Nannicola

Many of our customers do not maintain their bingo and pull tab equipment with regular service calls. This results in our service department getting emergency calls when equipment breaks during an event, which interrupts our customer’s fundraising efforts and strains our service team. The breakages and downtime could be avoided with routine service calls, during which our technicians clean and check equipment for problems.

This is where the mailer comes in. We needed to create something appealing that would catch our customer’s eyes so that they would take the time to read the message. Let’s face it; advertising routine service is boring. So, we created a funny yet to-the-point to communicate the importance of routine maintenance so our customers would remember how imperative it is to take care of their equipment. We received many compliments on the piece, and our route salesmen said that they saw the card on customers’ desks or hanging on the wall when they visited various sites. Not only did this piece succeed in getting customers’ attention, it also inspired them to save it as a reminder to set up service visits.

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