2021 Ohio 1 Mailing Super Stars

2021 Ohio 1 Mailing Super Stars

Whether you prepare your own mail, or use a Mail Service Provider, you are a Mailing Super Star. In January 2022, you can tell the world just how amazing you are. Submit your best mailpiece to be displayed in the Cleveland Main Post lobby and on the PCC websites. This is a great opportunity to educate people about your organization and the services that you provide and maybe win a trophy!

Friendly Competition

- Must be a member of an Ohio 1 PCC. (Click here for an application)
- Three sizes divisions. Small, Medium, Large. Mailers can choose what division they want to enter but can only submit one entry.
- Piece must have been mailed in the Ohio 1 area during 2021.
- Entries will be displayed in Cleveland’s Main Post Office lobby and featured on the PCC websites.
- QR code in lobby will take customers to PCC website. Voting will be done online. Postal employees are not eligible to vote.
- One vote for each size division.

Public Education

The lobby of Cleveland Main post office gets high traffic volume. Mailers come in to make deposits. The general public comes in to make stamp purchases or check their PO Box. That makes this location ideal for promoting awareness of our Mailing Superstars. There will be an educational section with information about the Postal Customer Councils, Postal Workshare discounts, and Mail Service Providers.

Submission Details

Submissions will be accepted from January 3, 2022 until January 31, 2022. You may drop off your entry in person at 2400 Orange Ave Cleveland OH 44101. Drop off locations are the Cleveland BMEU or the Business Service Network office.

You can also mail your entry to:
2400 Orange Ave RM 23
Cleveland OH 44101.
Tracking is recommended.

Your submissions will be displayed February 7, 2022 until February 22, 2022 for voting. Vote for your favorites, and plan to attend the Awards ceremony via Zoom on February 22, 2022.

USPS does not promote or endorse any mailer or service provider. This contest is sponsored solely by the Ohio 1 PCCS. Postal Employees are not eligible to vote in this contest.

Mailing Super Stars FAQs

To download the entry form, click here.

How much does it cost to join the PCC?

Basic membership in all 3 Ohio 1 PCCs is free.

Akron Canton PCC www.akroncantonpcc.com

Greater Cleveland PCC CLEVELAND PCC www.clevelandpcc.org

Steel Valley PCC www.steelvalleypcc.com

Do I have to be a printer to submit a piece?

No, we welcome all members of the mailing community. You could be the graphic designer, or the data guru, or the mail owner. The only requirements are that the piece had to be mailed in the Ohio 1 District during 2021.

What is the Ohio 1 District?

Ohio 1 is the new name for the old Northern Ohio District.

What should I write for my mail story?

Explain why your mailpiece is special. Some examples-

This mailpiece was an EDDM designed by our talented design team. It included a QR code that directed customers to the client’s website. The client received a 78% response rate on this piece. That’s SUPER mail!

The client needed 5 bazillion letters mailed in 48 hours. Our dedicated team used our Big Fancy High Tech machines to print, fold, insert and sort the mail. The entire job was finished and presented to the USPS in 36 hours. We met the client’s deadline and exceeded their expectations. That’s SUPER mail!

Our Nonprofit Group couldn’t do our usual fundraising events. This mailpiece generated enough donations to cover 80% of our budget. That’s SUPER mail!

Your mail story doesn’t need to be long or technical. Recommended font size is at least 14pt.

What information needs to be on the 4x6 White Company Identifier card?

Required: Company Name and Role- i.e. Mail Owner, Mail Service Provider, Graphic Designer

Optional elements: Company Logo, QR code link to website, Company address

If you have additional questions, please email Laura.K.Harsch@usps.gov.

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