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As we start 2022 what better way to promote and grow your business than to become a member of your local Postal Customer Council or PCC for short!

What is a PCC?

Call it your go-to local resource for learning, innovating, sustaining, competing, and building your business. The PCC program is a postal-sponsored organization that helps large and small businesses maximize profits with mailing and shipping. The PCC program offers education, training, and best practices for cost-effective mailing and shipping, plus help strategically implementing solutions to your local challenges.

Why should you become a member of your local PCC, you ask? Well to name just a few:

? Membership is free – that’s right no cost to you!

? Offers opportunities to learn about Postal and Industry services, changes, and innovations.

? We promote networking! You will network with both Postal and Industry leaders.

? You can grow your mailing knowledge along with your business

? Build long lasting relationships

PCC’s have been around for over 60 years because we know that our relationships are about growth and opportunity. Add in education, networking, business development and it all comes down to the relationship. We will grow together as one team so everyone can advance. Your PCC journey can be for a season or a lifetime.

Start your PCC journey with us by filling out and returning the enclosed PCC Membership Application. We welcome the opportunity to assist you in growing your knowledge, network, and business in 2022 and beyond.

Click here for a membership application

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